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Happy projects

Hi there ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ,

Embedded Related

  • Obstacle avoiding and tower finding robot based on STM32F0 (C - freeRTOS) On github
  • Check server availability through WiFi based on ESP32 (C - freeRTOS) On github
  • SPI communication (VHDL) On github


  • videoplayer (C): interactive tool to view and choose my raw footage. On github
  • imdatabase (cpp): postgres interface to manage my own database. On github
  • block_aspell (bash): script based on aspell to check and replace misspellings of a block of lines in a text file On github
  • wointerface (python2.7): GUI to record my workout routines. On github


  • when main is not a function (C): hack main using something similar to a buffer overflow blog post code
  • hacker.org game: I’ve been playing for awhile solutions