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Creative process

Last Friday I was in a intercultural event in Dortmund, and there was a workshop going on about “Christmas decorations”. I took part of it. There was several material and basically they taught you how to make some basic figures, and then if you wanted, you could either do that or just create something new. So I decided to be creative and try to explore my options.

           |                        |
           | no idea what I'm doing |

The thing was that my friends were there as well, and they were making fun of my work because it wasn’t visually appealing. I just said “I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m just trying to see what happens”. Then I realized two things:

  • Some people will think you are doing something stupid.
  • When you are trying something new, By doing something you will get you more ideas than just thinking and thinking.
If you think what I do is cool, send me a mail or buy me a beer. I'll appreciate it!
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